Our stories

Repsol Healthcare®:
plastics that care for our health

We have launched Repsol
Healthcare®, a new
range of plastics specifically
designed for medical
and pharmaceutical applications

Repsol On:
the evolution of our service stations

The best mobility solutions, the best
quality products and services, and a unique
loyalty program make up Repsol's
commitment to invent the service station
of the future

a system to improve efficiency in refineries

We cut back our energy
consumption thanks to repHEN,
a system for measuring
the level of fouling
in heat exchangers

Harvey Hurricane:
Houston Business Continuity Plan

Repsol activated the Business Continuity
Plan in Houston to ensure the safety
of its employees and assets
in the United States

The Sagari project,
a commitment to protecting biodiversity

Repsol has applied the highest
safety and environmental
protection standards
to alleviate the impact
on the Sagari execution area

Sustainability Day:
a committed Company

Almost 14% of Repsol's
institutional capital is
in the hands of socially
responsible investors

Repsol en Acción:
5º anniversary

Repsol in Action celebrates
its fifth anniversary,
with a membership of nearly
70,000 individual shareholders

The Repsol Brand in China:
Rui Shuo Neng Yuan

Adapting the Repsol brand
to the Chinese market
reinforces Asia's role
as a key growth area

Fundación Repsol:
training to combat
childhood anemia in Peru

Mothers in the Ventanilla
area learn to adapt recipes
using low-cost foods with
high iron content  

in Vocational

The first edition of this new program
launched by Fundación Repsol aims
to develop the entrepreneurial spirit
and employability of vocational
training students

Solidarity Point:
employees helping employees

Celebrating five years of Solidarity
Point, a space where Repsol co-workers
meet up and support each other