Operations with significant actual and potential negative impacts on local communities

Activities are consistent with previous years, as are the impacts. No different adverse impacts have been reported.


Exploration and production Potential impacts identified
Onshore Potential health effects on the people living locally as a result of the inhalation of gases associated with exploration activities.
Temporary use of land to carry out exploration work.
Hiring of non-local manpower to perform exploration work.
Migratory movements towards operations that could lead to overloading of local services.
Offshore Temporary changes to fishing routes to accommodate the presence of boats and other equipment related to oil and gas operations.
Temporary changes in fishing sector revenue due to the installation of equipment and facilities for offshore exploration purposes.
Economic activity connected with tourism.
Hiring of non-local manpower to carry out exploration work.


Refine and Marketing Potential impacts identified
Industrial facilities Odors, noise, atmospheric gas emissions, dust, visual impacts and, to a lesser extent, spills.