Benzene, lead and sulfur content in fuels

All the fuel we supply to the market meets current quality specifications. EN228 for gasoline and EN590 for gasoil are applied at our refineries in Spain. Under these specifications, gasoline and gasoil must be free of sulfur compounds (maximum 10 mg/kg) and have a low content of aromatic compounds (less than 1% v/v of benzene in gasoline), which represents a considerable contribution to protection of the environment by reducing emissions of volatile components. We have improved our processes to achieve these objectives.

We also continue to improve the quality of fuels at the La Pampilla Refinery in Peru, in a project which will enable us to produce diesel and gasoline with 0.005% sulfur mass. The new facilities can desulfurize the diesel produced at the refinery, and we will commence operations with the gasoline block in 2018. This will allow us to produce gasolines with a maximum sulfur content of 50 ppm and limit the content of other compounds, such as aromas, olefins and benzene.